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Psychotherapy and Parenting Programs 

for Italian, French and English speakers

Individual Therapy

People may decide to seek individual therapy for different reasons:
They may be experiencing some difficulties or changes in their life affecting them and/or their family and significant others.
They may also decide to come to therapy to..

Couples Therapy

Couples go through different changes and challenges and sometimes partners feel they get stuck in a rut.

Couple therapy is a chance for partners to figure out what led them into that rut and to find new ways to be together, communicate and express emotions...

Family Therapy

We are all born in a family, in a "system" that was there long before we arrived into this world.

In order to get to know ourselves and be able to change, it can be crucial to understand the family system and history we belong to...

Parents Groups

Parenting can be the most rewarding experience in life but it does come with continous challenges. I believe nearly every parent tries the best they can but it still hard to know what their child really needs.

I have recently trained as Facilitator of Circle of Security Parenting groups...

Therapy Sessions

My Approach

The idea of coming to therapy can be a bit scary for some and many questions may arise:

What will happen to me? Will I lie on a couch and the therapist will sit behind me? Will she stay silent the whole time? Will I be told what to do? These or similar questions you may have are perfectly normal.

Personally, I see therapy sessions as a chance for you to feel safe and completely free to talk about...


About me

I am a Counselling Psychologist registered with HCPC and I am also a  qualified Systemic and Family Psychotherapist (UKCP rmember).

My private practice is based in London and I work with individuals, couples, families  and parents groups in italian, French and English.


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