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Parenting Groups:

The Circle of Security™ 

Every parent wonders if they are getting it right..

Parenting can undoubtedly be the most rewarding experience in life but it does come with challenges. Nearly every parent tries the best they can but it is still hard to understand what their child really needs

What are the children's emotional needs?

How can we understand their behaviour?

How can we help them managing their emotions, and feel them secure?

The Circle of Security™ Parenting Program (COS-P) aims to help parents to develop their skills  to support their children and to be there for them, strengthening their relationship and their child's self esteem.

I am a certified COS-P Facilitator and it is offered to a group of parents or individual parents over 8 sessions.

-  8 weeks course

- 1,5 hour session. Tea/Coffee and refreshments included

- For parents of children aged 6 months- end of Primary school).

Get in touch  for any further information, if you would like to find out next dates, costs , or if you would like to book an individual course.

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