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"Screens and Children" Workshops for Parents and Schools..and CHILDREN too!

In the last decade I have become increasingly passionate about  understanding the effects of use of screens on Children and Adolescents.

In particular, through my clinical practice and my readings and researching I have had the chance to understand the risks of smartphones on young people and why children and adolescents are particularly vulernable to screens, in particular to smartphones and videogames.

But why are smartphones so bad for Children? Can we protect them? CAN WE DELAY SMARTPHONES UNTIL MUCH LATER? The answer is YES! 

Since becoming a Screen Strong Ambassador and becoming more and more involved in spreading this topic, I have been doing Workshops on Screens and Children to parents and teachers.

Webinars for Children (Teens and Tweens ) are now available so that it can be finally explained to them why delaying smartphones and limiting online gaming is the best for them.

To know more do get in touch!

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