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Online Therapy

Online Therapy is often the most practical- and still very effective way- to get help and start a therapeutic journey. 

Understandably, people may be skeptical at first about doing therapy online and they may well prefer in-person therapy.

Nevertheless, research of the last decade has consistently come to the conclusion that it is equally effective as  face-to-face therapy.

How does it work? Through a safe wifi connection and video call softwares, it allows easy access and continuity in therapy. It is especially convenient for those  who live a busy life and find it hard to commit to weekly sessions, for those who frequently travel abroad or those who live in a different city/country but would still like to be able to receive therapy in their own mother tongue.

Besides the use of technology, it works exactly like therapy face-to -face and with the same positive outcomes.

The first session can be arranged online or face-to-face over possible.

Do not hesitate to get in touch for any question you may have about Online Therapy.

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