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Couples Therapy

Couples go through different changes and challenges in their life together .

Moving in together, moving country, marriage, planning a family, becoming parents are exciting times but they involve adapting to different changes, often causing distress within the couple. Partners may feel they are stuck in a rut and they do not know how to be happy together again. 

 Couple therapy is a chance for partners to figure out what led them to that rut and to find new ways to be together, communicate, express their emotions. and support each other again.

Couple therapy is also a space for couples to get support in coping with unforeseen circumstances such as infertility, loss and bereavement, sexual problems, career problems.

It can help identifying and working on "Attachment injuries" (Sue  Johnson), moments in the couple history where partners felt abandoned or betrayed in a moment where they needed the other . These events that often go unnoticed can lead partners to take distance one from the other.

Couple Therapy is also available Online. Find out more here!

Couple therapy sessions last one hour each and usually take place fortnightly. 


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