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Family Therapy

   “Why family therapy… because it deals with family pain.” – Virginia Satir

Since I heard about  the work of Salvador Minuchin , Virginia Satir or Murray Bowen in my Clinical Psychology studies,  I became passionate about Systemic and Family Therapy and this is why I later decided to train as a Systemic Psychotherapist.

We are all born in a family, in a "system" that was there long before we arrived into this world.


In order to get to know ourselves and be able to change, it can be crucial to understand the family system and history we belong to.

Some relationships within the family and the roles family members play in it may make individuals feel miserable and have an impact on many aspects of their lives. Sometimes acting on the family may be the best solution as it allows the therapist to work on the relationship as it happens, in the "Here and Now"of the therapy session.

Families may decide to come for family therapy for different reasons, here are a few:

- to help a family understand and cope better when one of his member is experiencing mental health difficulties.

- to improve relationships between familly members and their communication

- to cope with a life cycle transition, changes,  loss and bereavement that affected all the family members.

In my private practice, I see parents with older children (from 15-16 years old), adult siblings or parents of smaller children on their own. 

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